How To Do Things in the Philippines

In the Philippines, there are many things for you to do particularly to personal and business transactions. On this page, there will be listings of topics that you can choose or search, where you can get a guide or ideas on what you can do.

How to get Personal Requirements

PSA(Philippines Statistic Authority)

How to get an NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) Clearance

How to Get a Passport and Visa

How to get Permits and Certifications

1. How to get a Philippines Business Permits
2. How to get a BIR Registration (Bureau of Internal Revenue)
3. How to get an SSS (Social Security System) Number
4. How to get a PhilHealth Number

Government Agencies


  1. How to Transfer a Private Vehicle to New Owner
  2. How to Change Private Vehicle to For-Hire Vehicle
  3. How to Cancel a Chattel Mortgage
  4. How to Get an LTO Student Permit
  5. How to Get a New Driver’s License


  1. How to get a Franchise

Tourism Office

How to get Tourist Transport in the Philippines or How to get DOT Sticker for Cars in the Philippines