1. Prepare a duly filled up copies (4 copies each) of the following forms:
  • 1901 (Application Form) for Sole Proprietorship
  • 1903 (Application Form) for Partnership and Corporation)
  • 2000 (Documentary Stamp Tax on Lease)
  • 2000 (Documentary Stamp Tax on Subscription) for Corporation
  • 0605 (Registration Form)
  1. Go to the Revenue District Office (RDO) that has jurisdiction of your registered address. Bring the filled up forms together with the other documents needed.
  2. Get a priority number for a new business application section and wait for the number to be called.
  3. Once the number is called, present all the necessary documents and forms to the attending officer in the new business registration section. The documents will be assessed and validated. The officer will then advice to buy books (usually ledger and journal) for registration. If you have bought the accounting books ahead, then it would be much better to avoid the hassle of going back to the RDO.
  4. After the assessment and validation, pay for the documentary stamp and registration fee from the cashier. (Every RDO has their different style of payment processing. Some will require bank transactions while others accept on site payment.)
  5. Stamp the books of account and fill up with the necessary information.
  6. When payment is done, present the forms paid, receipts, and the stamped and filled out books of account. The officer will return one copy each of the forms that were submitted (1901/1903, 2000, and 0605).
  7. Wait for the Certificate of Registration to be released. The officer will give you a slip for claiming. It will indicate the day when the COR is ready for pick-up.
  8. Claim the COR (Certificate of Registration) from the RDO. An “Ask for a Receipt” sign will also be issued and an office calendar that indicates all the tax dues for the entire year. (Disclaimer: This may not be true to other RDOs.)
  9. Process the Authority to Print for printing of your company receipts. A duly accomplished 1906 BIR form will be needed. But you may omit this process and let your printing company process this for less hassle. An additional fee will be charged aside from the fee of the receipts.


  • DTI Certificate (for Sole Proprietorship)
  •  Articles of Partnership SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) for Partnership
  • Certificate of Incorporation SEC for Corporation
  • Tax Identification Number (Sole Proprietorship, Professional, Consultant)
  • Contract of Lease if renting the property
  • Land Title/Tax Declaration if property is owned
  • Mayor’s Permit
  • Barangay Clearance (Barangay where your business is located)
  • Duly Accomplished BIR Forms


  • Registration Fee – Php 500.00
  • Documentary Stamp – Depends on the capital declared
  • Books of Account – Php 40.00 each (estimated)

Disclaimer: All information written above are based on personal experience in processing a new business in BIR. They are written as a guide only. We are not liable for any differences or discrepancies on your own processing.