9 New Easy Steps on How to Get a New Driver’s License in the Philippines

The Philippines has many regions and cities to explore with and driving is one way to go around and see these beautiful destinations. These new requirements must be complied for you to have a driver’s license and drive in any point of the Philippines.

LTO Requirements

1. TDC Certificate (Theoretical Driving Course)

This is a 15-hour mandatory course that is focused on practical driving education. This is required by the Land Transportation Office for those who desire to acquire a student driver’s permit. Acquisition if this certificate ranges from Php 700.00 to Php 1,500.00 depending on the institution that you choose.

2. Medical Certificate

This is vital as this will be your indication if you’re fit to drive or not. Your vision will be tested and you will also undergo a drug test. The cost for this is Php 600.00.

3. Student Driver’s Permit

After passing the medical exam, you will then be qualified to get a Student Driver’s Permit. For new applicants, you will need to secure a copy of your PSA birth certificate both original and a photocopy (the original will only be used as reference but will be returned afterwards) together with the TDC and medical certificates. For renewal of student permit, you only need to present the TDC and medical certificates. You will pay Php 250.00 for new applicants and Php 150.00 for renewal.

4. Practical Driving Course Certificate (PDC)

New Student Permit holders must wait for at least one month to qualify for a driver’s license. While waiting, secure a Practical Driving Course Certificate by enrolling to an LTO accredited Driving School. For a renewed Student Permit, you can apply right away for a Driver’s License. The cost for this ranges from Php 3,000.00 and up depending on the driving school that you enrolled in.

5. Schedule for LTO Examination

After getting a PDC Certificate, you will now be qualified to apply for a Driver’s license. Go to the nearest LTO Office and know when their earliest available schedule for written examination. Schedule your examination and wait for that date. While waiting for your schedule, do some extensive reviewing. Review materials are available online. Most of the items in the exam are situational so make sure to understand them well.

6. LTO Examination

Once your schedule date has come, make sure to arrive at the testing center early so that you can relax your mind. DO NOT FORGET to bring all your requirements (TDC, Medical, and Practical Driving Certificates). Remember that if one fo the requirements is missing, you will be disqualified to take the exam. You will pay Php 100.00 for this. While taking the exam, read each question carefully. There will be 60 items and you will be given 1 hour (60 mins-1 min per question) to finish. DO NOT RUSH.  It’s very important to read through each item very carefully to ensure passing. The exam is computerized so you will get to see your result at the end of your exam. Passing score is 48. If passed, you will proceed to the next step which is the Practical Driving Test. If failed, you will need to schedule again for another exam (so make sure to pass).

7. Practical Driving

If you pass the written exam, you will now undergo Practical Driving. It is best if you bring your own vehicle but no worries if you don’t have because there are cars/motorcycles for rent nearby. At this stage, you will be tested with your actual driving skills.

8. License Payment

After passing the Practical Driving Test, you will now be issued a Driver’s License. The cost for this is Php 585.00.

9. LTO Drivers License Issuance

Always remember that having a Driver’s License is PRIVILEGE. Drive calmly and carefully and it’s really very important not to force your rights on the road even if you know you are right. You can also check LTO for further changes.