Philippines Weather Daily Forecast

Philippines is a Tropical Rainforest Climate because of its geographical location.

There are two main characteristics of this climate in the Philippines

High temperatures
High atmospheric humidity

Both the high temperatures and the humidity are the whole year through. According to study rainfall can be expected in every month of the year.

Rainy season and monsoon


Though some rainfall can be expected in every month, the rainfall differs greatly through the year.
In the period June – October it’s raining cats and dogs!
The influence of the southwest monsoon is very clear.
In the period December – May there is no monsoon anymore. The wind, the “trade wind”, is coming from the northeast and brings hardly rainfall.


A third characteristic feature of the climate of the Philippines is the presence of strong typhoons. The Philippines is tortured by typhoons every year. In the whole Western Pacific typhoons occur in the period June – November.

Monsoons and “trade winds”

The monsoon is a very rainy wind coming from the southwest. The “trade wind”, coming from the northeast, is dominating in the period December -May. It’s a rather ‘dry’ wind and brings hardly any rainfall.