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March 15, 2021
Baguio Potatoes

Potato History

The Philippines produce good potatoes in the country and one of the main source is in CAR (Cordillera Administrative Region) or Benguet, although some potatoes are also produce in Region 10 but they few amount of percentage. Potatoes is one source of food for the Filipino’s that are introduced by the foreign farmers all over the world. It started when the Spanish came and took over the country.

Baguio Potatoes

Type of Potatoes

There are varieties and classification of Potatoes. These listing will help you identify the type of potato the growers in Benguet use to plant. There are 12 types of Potatoes and some of them are name locally.

  1. Igorota
  2. Solibao
  3. Raniag
  4. Granola
  5. Ganza
  6. Dalisay
  7. Montanosa
  8. Kennevec
  9. Agria
  10. Baraka
  11. Grolia BSU (P07)
  12. Bengueta BSU (P06)

Potato Usage

Potatoes are used for a variety of purposes, preferrable this vegetable are used for cooking at home. Others are processed into potato food products and food ingredients; fed to dogs, pigs, and chickens; processed into starch for industry; and potato growers re-used as seed tubers for growing the next season’s potato crop.