Tourist Destinations in Ligao City

Unnoticed by people from elsewhere, Ligao City is paving its way to the tourism as it flaunts its ecological splendour and diversity.

Endowed with natural beauty, Ligao City has natural springs, caves, hills, lakes and its panoramic view of the Mayon Volcano. With its diverse natural environment the city offers lots of tourist magnets that attract visitors from all over the world to see the beauty that lies within it.

Here are few of Ligao City’s pride:

1. Kawa – Kawa Hill
Kawa – Kawa Hill is located at Barangay Tuburan. It is the most visited tourist attraction in the city. Its cauldron like shape and its location contribute to the tourist flock in the Hill.

2. Mt. Masaraga
One of Albay’s Tulong Bulod (three mountains), Mt. Masaraga lies within the City of Ligao. A trek to the peak of Mt. Masaraga shows a panoramic view of barangay Busay and its nearby barangays. Mayon Volcano, also one of the Tulong Bulod of the province, also has a spectacular view from the peak.

3. Malison Lake
Located at Barangay Bonga, Malison Lake is considered as one of the cleanest bodies of waters in Ligao City. Approximately 3.5 kilometers from the city’s poblacion (town), the lake offers a serene ambiance and gives tourists a break from the city. Swimming, fishing and boating are only few of the activities that guests can do as they visit.

4. Batong Languyon
Located half a kilometre away from the shoreline of Barangay Maonon is a unique rock formation, the Batong Languyon. Being on the western coast of Albay facing the Burias Pass, it is a perfect place for swimming and snorkelling. Its base being enveloped by basalt rocks and coral reef serves as a habitat of rare and endangered species of marine life form.

5. Coastal Beaches
Tambac, Maonon
Tourists are greeted by white powdery sands and long shorelines in Sitio Tambac, Maonon. Its crystal-clear-waters is an evidence of a pollution free and clean environment.

The location of the 62 hectare mangrove plantation developed by the local government unit is found in barangay Cabarian. Since 2008 mangroves had been planted to preserve the environmental resources while sustaining the livelihood of coastal communities. Coral reef rehabilitation and a sea grass protection program were also initiated along the mangrove plantation efforts of the government.

With its slightly brown shorelines, Catburawan allures tourists to their barangay. This rustic village have beautifully planted orchid varieties in every corner in the neighbourhood giving it an undeniable fragrant aroma.

Aside from the five mentioned tourist destinations there lots more to discover in the City of Ligao.