The diverse expanse of Ligao City gives the society a feeling of wanting more. Exploring the city’s different landforms and aquatic features fascinates the human’s passion for nature. Nothing is better than visiting a place with both land and water features and satisfying our involvement with such scenes.

A peaceful paradise with nature’s guard, the Malison Lake is a natural lake, a sight to go for relaxation and be one with the environment.
The Malison Lake Resort is a place to go swimming, boat rowing, picnics and fishing while relishing the majestic view of Mt. Mayon and Mt. Masaraga. The spectacular view of Kawa – Kawa Hill is also evident within the resort. Since it is surrounded by beautiful views, stunning photographs can be taken within the vicinity of the lake.

Because of its ambience and serene sensation, the lake is known to be perfect for celebrations and special gatherings such as birthdays, weddings, anniversary and many more. To accommodate tourists, the Malison Lake has 16 cottages, 4 lodging rooms, a large function room and a karaoke service.
Being a Category B Lake, it was awarded as the Second Cleanest Bodies of Water by the ‘Gawad Pangulo sa Kapaligiran’ (DILG) Regional Office No. V Legazpi City last December 7, 2001.

Although the lake is also one of Albay’s underrated tourist attractions, it continues to make its name up the charts through the efforts of the Local Government of Ligao.

How to get there?

The Malison Lake is located between Barangays Pandan and Bonga. It is 3.5 kilometres away from the Ligao City Poblacion.
Ligao City is 24.61 kilometres from Legazpi City. From Legazpi City one can reach Ligao City through riding a bus, a van or a jeepney in the Legazpi Central Terminal near the Gaisano Pacific Mall. The fare varies dependent on the mode of transportation. For buses and vans, the fare costs Php 50.00 and Jeepneys costs Php 40.00.

To get to Malison Lake from Ligao, one can ask for a tricycle to go to Pioduran road to Barangay Pandan passing Pandan Elementary School and the White Vision Guest House and finally arriving to the destination.

Explore and enjoy the beauty of Ligao City’s Malison Lake! Take family and friends to gather and delight the scenery of the natural atmosphere that can’t be founded elsewhere.