Larawan Beach – Talisay City – Cebu

Talisay City, Cebu, ResortLarawan beach area is not a white sand beach but there are things this place is unique. This beach is a public beach resort. No need to spend for entrance. You only need to bring with you food and sunblock or swimming gear to enjoy the beach and sunlight. Expect that families and communities are being here to enjoy the shore and breeze of the wind.

Talisay is very close to many cities in Cebu, these cities are Cebu City, Mandaue City, Lapu Lapu City. This place is very accessible to the nearby cities where people can just drive and visit the place.

The beach area are quite big where you can do activities like frisbee, valleyball, soccer, and many other ball games you could possibly think. There are many people whom you might meet here where you can set you a boat to rent or a Talisay hotel to stay with.

Anyway to understand more about this Larawan place – The term “Larawan” is a tagalog word which mean in English is image or picture. They call this place on this name because the people before had a memory images of this place. Since then they call this place Larawan to remember their fun and happy state during their time.