Philippines and its Cities

There are many Cities found in the Philippines.
Most of these cities are now urbanized and civilized. In 2013 there are many growing cities where business and trading take place. One of the best place you can invest with your money are on real estate because the Philippine Cities has many beautiful nearby resorts that can attract tourism and other opportunities. The Philippine cities are one of the top visited place in Asia. According to the statistic of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) this 2012 it has growth for 7.1% which means tourism and Philippines economy are getting better.

Check the this Video where you can see Cities that was developed.

The most populated Cities in the Philippines as of 2010 are the following:
1. Quezon City – with a total population of 2,761,720.

2. Manila City – with a total population of 1,652,171.

3. Caloocan City – with a total population of 1,489, 040.

4. Davao City – recorded population was 1,449,296.

5. Cebu City – recorded population was 866,171.