Top 5 Spring Resorts in Ligao City

Aquaphiles will definitely have a place in Ligao City. Aside from its beautiful beaches and lakes, natural spring resorts are similarly contributing to the city’s tourism inflation. These five (5) spring resorts in the city will definitely quench your thirst:

1. Coco Farm Resort
Known for its Ten (10) foot deep outdoor swimming pool, Coco Farm Resort is a must visit for bold and daring aquanauts. Located at Barangay Batang which is only about ten (10) minutes away from the city proper, one can already enjoy the waters of a spring. Various events could also be accommodated by the resort’s function hall which could house 300 guests. Night swimming is also a go since rentable rooms are available in the resort.

2. Twin Peaks Resort
With the beautiful view of the Mayon Volcano, Twin Peaks Resort definitely has its edge location wise. Nestled in Barangay Batang as well is only a four (4) minute drive away from Coco Farm Resort. Twin Peaks has two (2) swimming pools, one (1) for adults and another for children, a fish pond, and a function hall. Rentable cottages are also available around the resort.

3. Burok Burokan Hidden Spring Resort
Situated in Barangay Herrera, a 20 minute drive from the city proper is the Burok Burokan Hidden Spring Resort. Its three (3) pools, two (2) for the adults and one for the children, is remarkably cold as the breezy temperature of the place.

4. Rendezvous Resort
Being a few steps away from Burok Burokan Hidden Spring Resort, Rendezvous Resort found it difficult to start business. The managers found a way that would magnet visitors to their resort. With three (3) swimming pools, with one being for children, Rendezvous allured guests with their bamboo cottages just above the fish pond. Concrete cottages were then added beside the swimming pools. A function hall, where the videoke is housed, is also available for rent when there are events to be held. Rentable rooms then allowed guest night swimming.

5. Asistio Spring
The newly discovered Asistio Spring is located at Barangay Basag. It is approximately 20
minutes away from the city’s poblacion.

These five (5) spring resorts can eventually be visited in just a day given the close prolixity of their sites. Ligao City, being truly blessed with the natural ecosystem, gives pride in their natural spring resorts. Together, the private and public sectors join to protect natural spring resources that would certainly aid the city’s development.