Vivo V11 Phone setup for LTE network Mode

New Clark City - Philippines
The New Clark City
August 21, 2018

This September of 2018 Vivo is launching their new device that is called Vivo V11 and recently we had just get the new Vivo V11 to test it out.

Now we’ve tried to check the settings and other features of this phone but we discover one set of concern and is its the network mode. The network mode that we’ve seen is only on the following setup which are set to 2G/3G/4G and no LTE even if the sim is LTE ready. This has made us confuse about the new phone and we need to see how we can set it to LTE network more or this phone is just the old one that uses the old network connections.

The network that Vivo shared in their Phone Network shown in the ff:
Vivo V11 Network Mode



FDD-LTE – it uses a frequency division duplex or paired spectrum.  The uplink and downlink has 10Mhz at a symmetric that uses two frequencies at the same time.

TDD-LTE –  uses a frequency that is unpaired spectrum.  The TD LTE uses time division


What is VoLTE- It is a Voice over LTE

VoLTE is a voice over LTE. Its a voice calls over a 4G LTE network.  Our connection before just use the 2G and 3G connection.

Since 2016 major cities in the Philippines supports LTE for data and SMS but signal drops to 3G/4G whenever a call action is initiated thus affecting the internet speed and voice quality.


Note: Our Internet Service providers doesn’t have yet this option in the Philippines. Smart is working their VoLTE this year and hope they will implement this project by the end of this year.