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Pldt Payment Gateway

There are many ways to pay bills online. If its so happen that you are looking for PLDT payment option or gateways where you can pay your bill then here are the portal that you could go to.

Terms and Condition Set by PLDT
Billing – PLDT shall forward to the Subscriber a monthly billing for the use of the pertinent PLDT Service. Notwithstanding the non-delivery or late delivery of the pertinent PLDT bill, it shall be the responsibility of the Subscriber to inquire about his outstanding Total Charges by calling the PLDT hotline at telephone number 171 and pay the outstanding Total Charges, without need of further demand, on or before the due date thereof.

Payment – The Subscriber shall pay any and all outstanding Total Charges on or before the due date indicated in the PLDT bill. Payments may be made at any of PLDT’s offices, through duly authorized banks, or to its duly authorized collectors. PLDT shall not be liable for any payment made to persons other than its authorized representatives. Payment made by check shall not release the Subscriber from liability for non-payment until the check is cleared and payment is credited to PLDT’s account. The Subscriber shall indemnify PLDT for any and all penalties, fees and charges arising from or by virtue of the dishonor of the Subscriber’s check. PLDT likewise reserves the right to disconnect the pertinent PLDT Service for the dishonor of the Subscriber’s check. PLDT reserve the right to discontinue service due to non-payment of overdue accounts. PLDT also reserves the right, subject to the limits prescribed by existing laws, rules and regulations impose penalties or interest for non-payment of overdue accounts. PLDT reserves the right to automatically bar access to services, including toll access, for non-payment of the allowable toll charges without prejudice to the exercise of other remedies under existing law, rules and regulations.
Change in Fees / Charges – PLDT reserves the rights to increase any of the fees and charges or impose new or additional fees and charges applicable to the pertinent PLDT service, subject to appropriate approvals from the NTC or other government agency/ies having jurisdiction over the approval thereof.
Change in Billing Address – The Subscriber undertakes to inform PLDT in writing of any change in his personal circumstances and billing address. The Subscriber hereby holds PLDT free and harmless from the consequence of its failure to comply with its undertakings hereunder.

PLDT Payment Centers