Philippine Election 2016 Review

Cebu City Election Results
May 10, 2016
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July 12, 2016
Philippines vice-president 2016

Philippine President Review

Philippines 2016 Presidential Pool

Philippine election 2016 was over… The previous months prior to the election were full of excitement, turmoil, and confusion. There were numerous arguments and debates between contradicting parties. Many paid advertisements were published to destroy one another’s integrity that even reached to a point that many people chastised an ad because children were used for a black propaganda against a presidential candidate. Every candidate is desperate to let the others fall. These turmoils brought every Filipino to a great confusion. There are those who have decided a long time ago who to vote for but were affected by the issues and changed their mind.

Each Filipino may have seen and witnessed his country suffer. There are crimes, dishonesty, lies, corruption, and discrimination in the government. This election, every Filipino was hungry for change, a change that is long been waiting for. Prayer, research, and common sense were keys in deciding who to vote. Each one may have different views and ideals that led to having different political bets, but there is only one desire, the progress of our country for the benefit of the Filipino people and not the leaders. Each prayed for a peaceful and honest election. Though there were small chaos, but the election went well generally.

At the closing of the polls, there are different emotions: excitement, disappointment, and happiness. Those who lost were disappointed but I admire those who easily and whole heartedly accepted their loss. It was truly a sign of humility and professionalism.

Though the counting is not finished yet, the result is almost final. Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, a presidential candidate, remained his position on top.


Vice President Review

Vice President 2016 PhilippinesThe vice presidency result remains a controversy. Last night, Senator Bongbong Marcos was in rank 1 with almost a million votes ahead of Leni Robredo, the candidate of the LP Daang Matuwid. It was everyone’s fear that when it gets dark, the anomaly will happen. Everyone was shocked when in the morning, Ms. Robredo was already leading in the results for almost 200,000 votes.

During the surverys before the election, Marcos and Chiz are on the top. Here are some statistics:

Vice President Review 2016


Vice President Survey Review


Vice President Graph Survey 2016


Philipines Survey 2016 Election


Vice President Voters Survey

2016 election survey - Vice President


This time is supposed to be a time of peace, healing and reconciliation. May each Filipino stand for what is right and defend the truth so the Philippines will finally acquire its long dreamt freedom, a freedom from corruption and dishonesty. Stand for the truth and make the Philippines a pride not just in terms of natural resources but also our resources of leaders. Let us put people in the position who are willing to be a servant to the people and not a servant to other political leaders. May each of us pray that things will turn out right and that no one in the position, whoever is elected, will not be greedy and abusive of power.

Note: This article only expresses an opinion and is not meant to favor or oppose any of the political bets.