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December 7, 2015
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May 10, 2016
Qatar Airways Sales Shirt Marikina

We can see a lot of business hanging on the street of Marikina City. When you travel going to the city you can see many people walking and passing in the road. You will also realized the traffic cauze if its Christmas season. Christmas season is the only time that people buy their gift for their love ones. One of the main clothing people buy are clothes.

In Marikina City it is known to be the main capitol of shoe industry in the country but it is also known to be the main factory of clothing’s like Nike, Dickies, Timberland, Von Dutch, Sandugo Sandals, Gap and many others. These clothing are very expensive in the state. If you want to see real price for this products brand you can check this online shop(The Smooth Shop) and compare them. You will realized that the prices a way to low in Marikina.

Marikina Overrun Clothing’s Pictures

Expect to experience traffic and many other delay’s when you get to Marikina City.  You need to have a lot of time to get to Marikina for you to see this Marikina Over run products.

Note: Some clothing here in Marikina are China Made which means they are not the original.