4th Power, Another Filipino Talent on X-Factor UK

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4th Power Girls - Philippines

4th Power Girls - PhilippinesThe Philippines is known to be a breeding haven for world class talents. Many have proven their worth in international competitions in all categories most especially in singing.


Recently, the X-factor UK resumed its another season and they opened their doors for contestants from other places even outside UK. An all female group of Filipinos came all across the oceans to audition. Their group is named 4th Power and they are actually siblings. They were applauded by the judges and the crowd because of their phenomenal rendition of Jessie J’s “Bang Bang”. They got a standing ovation after their performance.


To see their astounding performance, watch the video below…


Truly, Filipinos are indeed talented! Can’t wait to see the power of the next performance of the 4TH POWER…