Sipalay City, Negros Occidental



Sipalay City started as a settlement of the wandering Bornean datus. These settlers started their stay almost in the year 1800s. The people were staying near the Canman-og River, known today as Naga River or Sipalay River, and was being rules by Basilio Debuyan. Houses were built and a village was organized. However, the peaceful village near the Sipalay River didn’t existed that long. The Sipalay River brought much destruction to the village and the people. The whole village was swallowed up by the river, making the church and plaza to be carried away by the flood. Because of that, the people decided to transfer to a flat land area across the river to the north. The selected area was forestland. The former settlement is now known as Sipalay Diotay. It stands today as the sentimental reminder of a once happy and prosperous village.

Within the new place, the people continued to make their living. Much of the people focused in the agriculture and aqua-culture industry. Making Sipalay as an already organized settlement even before the Americans came.

Population/ Language/ Area


Sipalay recorded last 2010 a total population of 67,403. The people speaks Hiligaynon as their native language. There are also lots of natives who can speak English and Tagalog.

Total land area is 379.78 km2 (146.63 sq mi).

The City of Sipalay is the second to the southernmost town in the province of Negros Occidental . It is bounded by the municipalities of Cauayan in the north, Hinobaan in the south, and Candoni in the east. To its west is the Sulu Sea. The city lies approximately 178 kilometers from the provincial capital of Bacolod City and can be reached via the national road from Bacolod to Hinobaan within 3 to 4 hours.

Tourist Spots


  • Sugar Beach – this is a German, Swiss and Filipino-owned resorts line which offer an excellent place for swimming and various water activities.
  • Tinagong Dagat – a hidden sea sprinkled with dozen islets covered with lush vegetation. The sea bottom is covered with patches of sea grass beds, with the shoreline lined by mangroves.
  • Punta Ballo Beach – located within the proximity of Tinagong Dagat. This has a fine white sands, stretching to kilometers. This is also the nearest jump off point towards the sea, ideal for snorkeling and diving due to the rich marine life.

Festivals and Celebrations


  • Pasaway sa Sipalay – this festival is annually celebrated every last week of March, marking the Charter Anniversary of the city. It features street dancing and merry making by performers from seventeen barangays of the city attired in mardigras and exotic costumes int he semblance of copper minerals.
  • Handurawan Festival – this festival is held every December 18-20 coupled with the yuletide season. This is a three-day activity scheduled to give Sipalaynon and other tourist visitors a time to enjoy.