Santa Rosa City, Laguna



It was in the year 1571 that the grandson of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, Juan de Salcedo discovered the town of Biñan and other barrios while exploring the region of Laguna de Bay.

In 1688, Biñan together with other barrios separated from Cabuyao. The name of Santa Rosa at that time was Barrio Bukol. After many attempts to rename the place and to establish it as an independent town, Bukol was politically emancipated as the municipality of Santa Rosa on January 15, 1792. It was named as Santa Rosa, after Saint Rose of Lima.

During the post-war era, until the 1970s, the townspeople were largely dependent on basic agriculture and family-owned enterprises for livelihood. The influence of industrialization slowly took shape in the 1980s with the entry of local and foreign investors who were instrumental in the fast-pace economic and social transformation of the town and the province.

Population/ Language/ Area


The people in Santa Rosa mainly speaks Tagalog as their language. Total population as of 2010 reached up to 284,670, all living within a land area of 54.13 km2 (20.90 sq mi). The western portion of the city occupies the numerous commercial, industrial, and business establishments, while the northern portion is primarily composed of residential areas and subdivisions, schools, industrial zones and various business establishments.

Business Opportunity


Santa Rosa was initially known for the Coca-Cola and Toyota manufacturing plants in its industrial estates. Recently, it has also become popular for being the site of Enchanted Kingdom, a local theme park, as well as several housing developments. This city contains the 3rd largest complex in Laguna, Paseo de Santa Rosa. Santa Rosa became a city by virtue of Republic Act No. 9264, which was ratified by its residents on July 10, 2004.

Tourist Spots


  • Enchanted Kingdom – this is a world-class theme park opened on July 28, 1995. Located at RSBS Blvd., San Lorenzo South, Balibago in Santa Rosa, right in front of Villa De Toledo and Dominican College of Sta. Rosa.
  • EK Biki WaterWorld – Is a first world-class inflatable water park in the Philippines. It has a variety of six giant inflatable swimming pools with water slides, games and rides that families can enjoy in a safe and hygienic water environment.

Festivals and Celebrations


  • Sikhayan Festival – held every January 18th. The event highlights the four evolution of the town from aquatic, agriculture, professional and to a industrial progressive city.