Witness the majesty of Mayon Volcano, the Philippines’ first national park, in Cagsawa Ruins. The beauty of the Mayon Volcano can be seen throughout Albay but there’s certainly no place like Cagsawa where you can sense a greater appreciation of the said volcano. This almost perfect cone-shaped volcano is the main landmark and the highest point of the province of Albay, even the entire Bicol region.

The Cagsawa Ruins is located 2.2 km from the town of Daraga and is approximately 8 km from the city of Legazpi. The local jeepneys can take you to the park with the cheapest fare as you ride along the landscapes of Albay.

The Cagsawa Ruins is the remnant of the baroque church of Cagsawa. It is located in Barangay Busay, Cagsawa, in the municipality of Daraga, AlbayPhilippines. It was built in 1587. In February 1, 1814, Mayon Volcano caused its most violent and deadly eruption. Only the belfry of the Cagsawa church remains as a silent testimony of that dreadful day.

The ruins became a park, known as the Cagsawa Park. It is protected and maintained by the municipal government of Daraga and the National Museum of the Philippines. The Cagsawa Park is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the area. The International Tourism Bourse even recognized the site as one of the places to visit in Asia.

To commemorate the 1814 eruption, the Cagsawa Festival was launched. The said festival is the latest celebrated festivals of Albay province since 2012. The festival showcases various activities and entertainment such as outdoor sport events, culinary activities, and cultural presentations of dances and plays. The festival is held every February first as a tribute to the resiliency of the people of Albay.

The Cagsawa Park is also the location of the Cagsawa Branch of the National Museum of the Philippines, also known as the Cagsawa National Museum. It has an affordable entrance fee which allows the public to experience Albay’s main landmark and pride. It houses a collection of photographs of the volcanic eruptions of Mount Mayon as well as various geological and archaeological exhibits.

Cagsawa also provides all-terrain-vehicle (ATV) tours which allow tourists to trail down the lava front in Barangay Mabinit. A visit of Cagsawa Ruins won’t be completed without availing Albay’s finest and affordable souvenirs.

Beyond doubt Cagsawa is a place to take your family, friends and those you love. It truly is a place that highlights both the splendour of nature and the glimpse of history.