Philippines Vegetable Direct Suppliers

The Philippines has been taught to plant vegetables since in the earlier years of time, since then people knew how to grow their plants at home. With the demand of consumer consumption, these plant growers need to produce more and more vegetables to make coup up with the demand needed in the market. Since then it is a good livelihood for farmers or plant growers in the Philippines.

Who are the top Vegetable producers in the Philippines

Buguias Benguet – is the top vegetable producer in the Philippines in terms of Potatoes according to DAR (Department of Agriculture). Most people think of Baguio City or La Trinidad, Benguet as the main source of these vegetables but this city of place is only a marketplace for farmers and traders.

What are the Top Vegetable Consumer Consumption

According to the Philippine Statistic Authority in 2015-2016 this is the report:

Root Crops – among the root crops, sweet potato was more preferred with 24.30 percent of households reporting its consumption. About 15.49 percent of the households ate a white potato, while 13.19 percent and 11.48 percent consumed cassava and gabi, respectively.

In terms of the source of food eaten, sweet potato, gabi, and white potato were mostly purchased as reported by 60.46 percent to 96.95 percent of the consuming households. On the other hand, consumption of own-produced cassava was noted by about 48 percent of the total households. More households in the Zamboanga Peninsula indicated consumption of sweet potato, cassava, and gabi coming from their own production.

Vegetables, Legumes, and Condiments – the major vegetable commodities consumed by the households were squash, eggplant, tomato, garlic, and onion. Correspondingly, the proportions of households reporting consumption of these commodities ranged from 40.24 percent to 89.76 percent. During the same period, consumption of other vegetables was reported by 3.46 percent of households for habitchuelas to 39.65 percent of households for ampalaya.

Vegetable Suppliers in the Philippines