Marawi City, Lanao del Sur

Marawi City
“The Only Islamic City in the Philippines”



Marawi was called before as Dansalan and was the capital of the then undivided Lanao province from 1907-1940. The placed served as the port area for the ships going to the most areas of the province. It then converted into a chartered city on 1940 under the grant of manuel L. Quezon. The name was changed from Dansalan to Marawi on 1956.

The renaming of the city as “Islamic City of Marawi” was proposed by Parliamentary Bill No. 261 in the defunct Batasang Pambansa, the former parliament of the Philippines during the Marcos regime, reportedly to attract funds from the Middle East.

Population/ Language/ Area


The land area of Marawi City is 87.55 km2 (33.80 sq mi) which is consisted mainly of the mountains, rolling hills, valleys and a large placid lake. Because of its high elevation, Marawi City features a cool weather.

Total population of the city as of 2010 is 187,106. These people are mainly consist of Muslims which is 90% of the total population.

Products and Services


The economy of the city is largely based on agriculture of rice and corn, and exporting of various crafts such as mat, malong, wood crafts among many other things. They also manufacture hollow-blocks; goldsmith and blacksmithing is equally popular too.

Business Opportunity

Possible businesses to be put up in Marawi City are rubber processing, marawi hotels, exporting of Halal foods, cold storage facilities, oleochemical products, processed foods and apparel, jewelry such as pearls, and cloth weaving.

Tourist Spots


Local attractions in the city include:

  • Aga Khan Museum of Islamic Arts – has huge collections of indigenous art, displayed ethnic music tape recorded, the native folk dances from different regions of Mindanao, Sulu and Palawan, the native tools and weapons used by the Muslims and different artistic designs of houses are the main attractions of museum.
  • Dayawan Weaving Village
  • Royal Torogan Houses
  • Agus River – located in between Saduc and Lilod, Marawi City. Swiftest river in the country, its famous cataract is the Maria Cristina Falls, outlet of Lake Lanao to Illana Bay.
  • Bagang Beach – it has trees in the lakeside that serve benches and shades. Besides are floating woods, where the brgy. residents take a bath and ablution. Ideal for picnics, nice place for boating and swimming because of the clear water.
  • Mindanao State University Campus

Festivals and Celebration


  • Maulid En Nabi – the Muslims celebrate this day as the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad. On this day, the Sultan or Datu of the place is obliged to give something for his people.
  • Morod A Muslim – a festival for the poor of the community where foods are prepared and people are invited including the Sultan to partake of the feast.