Iligan is a known city full of Majestic 23 Waterfalls. Listed below are some of the famous waterfalls and spring found in Iligan. You can discover more about the history of Iligan city and learn how to love the city.

Iligan famous water falls

1. Maria Cristina Falls – This waterfall is the main source for hydroelectric power in the whole Mindanao region. They call this fall a landmark of the city. Tourists or visitors are allowed to enter during Saturday and Sunday morning only.Maria Cristina Falls

2. Tinago Falls – This waterfall is accessible through a 300-step staircase. Tourists or visitors can enjoy water rafting and cliff jumping. It is a secret or hidden falls but you can greatly appreciate its beauty and mystical nature.Tinago Falls

3. Mimbalot Falls – This falls is close to the town. This is quite small but it has a pool at the bottom. This waterfall was developed to attract more tourists. It has some tables for rent with an entrance fee of P50.00.Mimbalot Falls

4. Abaga Falls – This waterfall is located approximately 15km southwest of the city. Water sources of Abaga falls are from springs.Abaga Falls

5. Dodiongan Falls – it has a 20 metre waterfalls located in Baragay Bonbonon, almost 14km away from the city of Iligan. No development was made on that falls. Trail is very adventurous since you will be viewing some animals and few residences.Dodiongan Falls

6. Timoga Springs – This falls features an icy-cool and crystal clear water spring that fill up the swimming pools located close to the spring. It has a high pH which means an alkaline mineral water.Timoga Springs

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