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In Cebu Island there are many cities you could go. The capital of Cebu province is Cebu City. Other cities in the northern part of the island are Mandaue City, Lapu Lapu City, Danao City and Bogo City. The cities in the southern part are Talisay City, Carcar City, and Naga City.  Some of the cities have their own unique culture, food and products which you would want to explore. Exploring these cities might be easy when you have a guide and a good and affordable place to stay.

If you’re going to this island and in need of a guide you can book a Cebu tour guide or you can take a Cebu City Tour to explore the tourist spot of the island.

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Cebu City Hotel Listings – There are many high, middle and low class hotels in Cebu City. Each of them have very uniqueness and styles. You can check Cebu City luxurious hotel and Cebu City Affordable Hotels.


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