Danao City, Cebu




danao cityThere is no concrete record to support the story on how Danao got its name. Although in the 1960’s there were circularized copies of a story concerning the early founding of Danao, but the contents and substance were but clear reproduction of an old legendary version which related of a Spanish Captain by the name of Manuel Aniceto del Rosariowho, as the story went, was commissioned by the early Spanish authorities in the province of Cebu to establish municipalities starting from what is now Danao City towards the northern part of Cebu as far as what is now presently the municipality of Borbon.

This developed when in compliance with his commission, Capt. Del Rosario went to said places to perform his duties. Riding on a horse on his way to the north after a place called Cotcot, he came upon a few natives who were resting and taking time bathing their carabaos in one of the many lakes in the area. Dismounting from his horse, the Captain took his rest and in a short while struck conversation with the surprised natives. Pointingvertically his forefinger to the ground where they stood, the captain inquired just what was the name of the place, with the impression that the stranger might have asked the name of the small lakes where their carabaos were resting, one of the native instantly replied: “DANAWAN” (a Cebuano dialect for small lake) which, according to the story, on account of the Captain’s defective sense of hearing, only heard and recorded the first syllable DA-NAO. Thus begun the early naming of the place DANAO.Danao Tourist Spots

Population/ Language/ Area


Danao City is located 27 kilometers north of Cebu City. It is bounded on the north by the town of Carmen, on the east by Camotes Sea, on the south by Compostela, and on the south by Asturias town. It has a total land area of 107 square kilometers. The city is partly urban and partly rural. The coastal area which is around One-fifth of the total land area of Danao is mostly flat but the interior parts are hilly and mountainous.Danao City Map

Products and Services


Danao City is well known for its gun industry. It all started around 1905. The organization now, left with proper permit, is Workers League of danao Multipurpose Cooperative (World MPC) in Dunggan, Danao City.

Its agricultural products include rice, corn, coconut, rootcrops and vegetables, poultry and hog. Fishing is a major industry in the coastal barangays. Manufactured products include electronics and cement. Cottage industries produce clothes and handicraft items.

Business Opportunity


Metal fabrication has a bright prospect in Danao. There are also opportunities in food processing especially meat and fish processing. The manufacture of furniture, clothing and fashion accessories, jewelry, personal care and other consumer goods are encouraged. The establishment of commercial complexes and tourist facilities are welcomed in this city.