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March 5, 2014
Sinulog Winner 2011

Sinulog Winner 2011Cebu City popular festival is called the “Sinulog Festival”. It is considered to be the grandest celebration in Cebu City. This festival happens annually every third Sunday of the month in January. The day of its celebration are full-packed with enjoyable activities but weeks prior to the grand celebration, there are numerous activities that can be enjoyed to watch and to have fun. Other people are also busy in preparation for this celebration. Even businesses and other establishments are expecting this events because it boast their sales during the start of the year.

One of the biggest activities in this festival are street dancing competition. Participants are compose of students and many other organizations. Only one winners will win and other may get the second or third place. Other may get consolation prices so that they can be able to participate on the next event that will happen every year.

Giving you one example of a winning dance performance in 2011. Enjoy watching.