Bayugan City, Agusan del Sur

“The City of Rice, Corn and Flowers”bayugan city



Bayugan was formerly a sitio of Barangay Maygatasan, Esperanza. By year 1942, Japanese troops entered the sitio. Six years later, the Department of Public Works and Highways conducted a survey for a national highway that would connect Butuan with Davao City. By this survey, possible town sites were identified and among them was the Barangay Maygatasan. However, the National highway passed through the sitio of Bayugan instead of Barangay Maygatasan. Migrants started settling in the sitio of Bayugan, thus, prompting the transfer of the proposed town site.

In the early part of 1960, the people of Bayugan passed a resolution creating the sitio of Bayugan into a barrio. A year later, barangay officials worked out the creation of Bayugan into a regular and independent municipality. Their petition was granted by Executive Order No. 440 on August 6, 1961. Year 2007, Bayugan became a city.

Population/ Language/ Area


As of 2010, Bayugan City has a total population of 99,361 living in a total land area of 505.00 km2 (194.98 sq mi).

The city is geographically situated below the typhoon belt but is usually affected by depressions forming in the typhoon regions of Visayas and the province of Surigao del Norte. The climate map of the Philippines based on the modified coronas classification shows that the city falls under Type II, which also is the weather classification of the province of Agusan del Sur.

Type II climate has no dry season with very pronounced wet season of heavy precipitation. Maximum rainfall generally occurs from December to January although there is no single dry month. Its average monthly rainfall is 355 mm. and average temperature is 27.15 degree Celsius. Areas characterized by this climate type are generally along or very near the eastern coast thus are open to the northeast monsoon.

Products and Services


Bayugan City, also called as the province’s “cutflower capital” is conducive to high yield cutflower. The city is also one of the major producers of rice, and vegetables in the whole province. Year 2008, the city had a total financial resources of PHP 405,151,000. And in the same year, the city’s Internal Revenue Allotment amounted to PHP 385,000,000.

Business Opportunity


There are lots of institutions in the city that can be a great source for business. Form financial sectors to shopping centers and restaurants, Bayugan City is a great source for business in the south.

Tourist Spots


  • Green Haven Adventure Farm – facilities include: 2 swimming pools, a three-point zipline, mini zoo, mini forest for trekking and hiking, garden and covered hall venue, and a restaurant.
  • Pinagalaan Falls – the tallest and biggest falls in the city and known to be the most beautiful place in the province.
  • Mangrove Base Park – has airsoft gamesite, picnic sheds, trekking and hiking venue and bar.