Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company, commonly known as “Metrobank”, is the second largest bank in the Philippines based on assets and income. It provides various financial products and services like regular banking, investments, insurance, etc.


The Metrobank Group has a combined network of of more than 800 local and international branches, remittance offices, and subsidiaries worldwide. It is composed of 557 local branches and 32 offices in various countries like New York, Hongkong, Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Pusan, Guam, Taipei, Kaohsiung, Madrid, Barcelona, Vienna, Rome, Bologna, Milan, Singapore, Shanghai, Chicago, and Hawaii.


For general inquiries and other concerns, here is their head office contact numbers: 02-857-5526 / 893-3726.


For Metrobank Card Corporation Clients, here is their toll-free numbers including their subsidiaries:


Metrobank Cards



Premium Cards

Domestic Toll-Free: 1-800-10-8700-707

International Toll-Free: 800-8-700-0707


PSBank Credit Mastercard



Robinsons Mastercard



MCC Merchant Helpdesk



MCC Collection Hotline