Cebu City Free Swab Test for Covid19

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June 17, 2020
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Cebu Covid19 Swab Test

Please help us disseminate the availability of this facility, as this is aligned with the national government’s thrust to ‘Test, Trace and Treat’…

THE BAYANIHAN CEBU-DOH SWABBING CENTER will officially open on Monday (July 13, 2020).


2nd floor of the IC3/IEC Buildings (entrance via ramp at basement parking at the back of Landers Cebu) 

Operating Hours:


8AM-12NN, 1-5PM

It’s a 12-booth facility, where DOH med-techs will collect swabs and all specimens will be processed by the DOH for free.

While the priority set by DOH has been the frontliners and at risk/vulnerable population, the DOH has now opened the swabbing to even those not belonging to Subgroups B-F, as per their guidelines, but limited to those who are asymptomatic or with mild symptoms.

Bayanihan Cebu has set up a help desk to facilitating setting of appointments for groups/individuals via the numbers below. These numbers shall be active starting tomorrow. It is preferred that appointments be set, but walk-ins are accepted as well.

Help desk contact numbers:


0905 359 8952

0905 359 8953

0905 359 8954

0905 359 8955

0905 359 8956


0905 359 8958

0905 359 8959

*Before leaving your homes to be tested, please wear your masks and bring your own pen, as there are forms that need to be filled out at the center. This is Free. Priorities are frontliners, Senior Citizens and person with symptoms. 

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