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March 5, 2018
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Nissan Van Premium 2018

One of the leading used cars in Cebu particularly for transportation is Van and trucks. Cebu Island is commonly visited by many locals and foreign and most of these are in need of Van or Trucks. Economy in Cebu is growing rapidly and many of these establishment are using these type of transportation. If you’re planning to get one of these new model of Nissan Urban Van or Nissan Trucks you can check the images below and find the nearest Nissan Urban Dealership Store.


2018 Cebu Nissan Van and Trucks

Nissan Van NV350

Nisan Urban Van NV350 – This van can carry 15-18 persons. Nissan NV350 can hauls big loads and big volumes of cargo. Engine is a Deasel 2.5-L 4 cylinder engine. Good thing about this Van is fuel efficient.

Nissan Van Premium 2018

Nissan Van Premium – This type of car has specious legroom, high headroom and 15 seater capacity. It has 5 speed automatic transmission options. It has a handy closure with solid storage.

Nissan Navarra Pick-up 2018

Nissan NP300 Navara Pickup trucks is a proven and tested fully boxed frame style. This truck is a 4×4 with an engine of 2.5L VL Variant.

Nissan Navarra Black Pick-up 2018

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