There are many products in Baguio City that you can buy. Each of these product are coming from the cultivated farm of the farmers in Benguet. Some of the products in Baguio are also made by workmanship of skilled individual who resides in the city and other areas of that province.

These are the products of Baguio

1. Vegetables – The best vegetables in Baguio are potatoes, carrots, ube, beans, broccoli’s, cauliflowers, lettuce, cabbage, radish, and many more.Baguio Vegetables 2. Fruits – One of the common fruits produced in Baguio are Strawberries. These strawberries has different varieties which has attracted many tourist in the area.

Baguio Strawberry

3. Preserved Foods – There are many preserved foods available in the city and these are strawberry jam, ube jam, peanut brittle and many others.

Baguio Preserve Products
4. Handcrafted Goods – Woodworks are also known in Baguio City. Each of these handcrafted products are found in Baguio block market.
5. Flowers – In Baguio and other areas nearby is one of the top producing area for different kind of flowers. These flowers are Raflesia, sampaguita, chrysanthemum, gladioli, anthurium, roses, orchids, lilies, carnation and many others.
6. Plants There are many small plants you will be interested in the city of Baguio. These are cactus, pine trees and others