Baguio city is the summer capital in the Philippines due to its cold weather and what it can benefit to the visitors. Locals and foreign tourists visit the place because there are places to go to and these are the destinations they would love to visit each time they visit Baguio City.

Listing all of the top Baguio Destinations:

1. Burnham Park – Oldest Park in the Philippines made by american architect Daniel Burnham.

Baguio Burnham Park
2. Strawberry Farm – Famous place found in La Trinidad. Farmers in the place usually plants strawberry to attract tourist during the last quarter of the year until summer.

La Trinidad 2018
3. Mines View – Its a place to overlook the Amburayan Valley and other mining town found in Itogon.
4. SM Baguio – Is formally found in November 21, 2003 and normally one of a mall that stand above the city.

SM Baguio City
5. Baguio Cathedral – This church is built las 1907 by Belgian missionaries. It was build consecrated in 1936 by Our Lady of Atonement.
6. Philippines Military Academy (PMA) – Started in 1908 and it was relocated by Camp Henry T. Allen. The mission is to train, develop and instruct every graduate to posses the basic and broad military skills and education with selfless service to God and country.

Baguio PMA