About San Pablo City

According to the Government site of San Pablo City it says that “Sampaloc was changed to San Pablo De Los Montes, which became a parish in 1556 and then a municipality in 1647. In 1899, a Municipal Government was established with Inocente Martinez as Municipal President in 1902 when the Civil Government was granted independence from the Province of Laguna. On May 7, 1940, the charter bill sponsored by Congressman Tomas Dizon was approved. The bill became known as the City Charter of San Pablo or Commonwealth Act No. 520. The City was inaugurated on March 30, 1941 with Dr. Potenciano Malvar as the appointed City Mayor.”

Mission: To uplift the quality of the life of San Pablenos through effective and efficeient delivery of public service in partnership with the private.

…This city Vision:

San Pablo, the City of Seven lakes-premier tourist destination, light industrial and education hub in CALABARZON, commited to good governance and sustainable development.

This city has 6 districts and it compose of many barangays per district.