Metro Cebu is composed of 3 major cities. In every city there are many factors to consider. Lapu Lapu City has the International and Domestic Airport with many factories along its side. Manduae City is focused more on business and warehouses. Cebu City is known to be the residential and capital of Cebu Island.

Now if you’re planning to rent a properties in this particular cities then you have the idea where to rent.

Listing our Property Rental services:

  • Cebu Apartment Rental – If you are looking for an apartment to rent consider the following cities you want to rent – Cebu City Apartments, Mandaue City Apartments, Lapu Lapu City Apartments.
  • Cebu House Rental – House is important for families in the country. If you’re looking for a house to rent then you can send us to our inquiry form.
  • Cebu Condo Rental – Condo unit is common in the cities of Cebu. If you’re interested to rent one of these then send us a message.
  • Cebu Lot Rental – On the island of Cebu, Lot property is quite a challenge to look for but if you need some of this then we can help you find a lot that you need.
Rentals in Cebu City