Cebu Products

There are many good products in Cebu. These products are produced and developed mainly in Cebu. These product are the following:

Cebu Construction Product


– There are Cement Manufacturer in Cebu. These manufacturer are located in the south of Cebu.


– There are many pipes that you can buy in Cebu City.


– There are many cables like data cable, communication table and many other cables needed for a constructions.

Electrical Supplies

– There are many affordable and reliable electrical material in Cebu City.

Cebu Food Products

Dried mangoes

– There are many brand product for dried mangoes in Cebu. One of the known and value brand are R & M Preserves, Philippine Brand, 7D, Profood and many more.


– Elongated pastry which is about six inches long and two inches wide. It is usually composed of flour, shortening, sugar and coconut. Some of the Cebuano’s knows how to bake this delicacies. Other companies make mass production to cater the need of tourism in the Island.


– One of the known cookies in Cebu since 1907. They called this as Titay’s Rosquillos which started from a lady in Liloan named Margarita “Titay” T. Frasco who created this known delicacies product. This product are made of flour, eggs, sugar, shortening and baking powder with no preservatives.


– A popular Cebuano delicacy originated in Mandaue City. This product are made of peanuts, sugar and water.

Lapu-Lapu guitars

– It is known to be special product in Cebu. It is known to be affordable that has high quality guitars in the World. Most of the known guitar manufacturer are Alegre, Malingin and many others.


– It is the national treat to the Filipinos. It is a dried type of fish that has a salt or without salt.